Mailchimp Integration

You can now synchronise your user email addresses with Mailchimp and use them to send and track email and unsubscriptions (separate Mailchimp charges apply). Remember you should only have opted-in email addresses for mail campaigns else Mailchimp will blacklist you. Definitely no bulk upload of purchased email addresses!

1. Set up your Mailchimp account and enter your company details.

2. In your Mailchimp account, click on your name in the left hand column > Account Settings > Extras > API Keys

3. In the section "Your API Keys" click Create A Key

4. Copy the API key that has been created.

5. Still in Mailchimp, set up a List, for example set the List Name to REC, and enter the rest of the details on the page.

6. Go to REC Admin Centre > Mailchimp Integration and click on the Setup Integration tab

7. Enter your Mailchimp username, API key and master list name e.g. REC (exactly the same as you entered in Mailchimp)

8. Click Integrate Mailchimp and the website will link to Mailchimp and report it has been successful

9. In the Mailchimp Integration Home tab, it will report how many subscribed users you have and allow you to upload these to Mailchimp by clicking Force Mailchimp Update

Note: You will only normally need to do this once when first integrating with Mailchimp. Users will then be automatically updated between REC and Mailchimp, including unsubscriptions.

10. Go into your Mailchimp Lists and you will see all your uploaded users now present.

You can now create a campaign within Mailchimp and start emailing! 

Support: You need to directly contact Mailchimp if you need support using their system.