If your wanting to create a sidebar app / main body app that you can utilise across any page on your website please do the following:

1. Go to page manager and apply your content / graphics to this page, please remember that if its going into the sidebar the width of images etc must be no greater than 200px wide.
2. Save the page with the "Where should the link appear?" tick boxes ALL un-ticked.
3. Go to back into page manager and write down the page ID number ( found under the delete button )
4. Go to "App builder"
5. Click on "Add new app" ( top right corner )
6. Give the App a name
7. Set its status too "on"
8. Set where you want to show the app ( sidebar / main body )
9. Set the app type as text
10. Input the page id number you previously wrote down
11. The description is optional and will not be seen by users.
12. Go back to page manager and edit the applicable page you wish to activate the sidebar app on, by scrolling to the bottom of the page, then from the sidebar drop down menu, select the app you have just created and either drag it over to the right or leave as default on the left hand side. Once you have applied the app to a particular side, you can drag and drop the re-order of the apps to your own discretion.

Important Note:  If the page does not currently have any sidebar apps active, then your designer will have to make a small code modification to allow sidebars to be correctly displayed, the page will also have to assessed in case of any graphics currently residing on the page are full width, as these will have to be resized.