Abandoned Carts Followup

NB You must have an email task set up for abandoned cart emails to be sent!

This email task allows you to followup abandoned carts after a set number of hours or days. Remember, a cart is classed as abandoned by the system after it has been idle or incomplete after the number of hours set in Site Settings > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts. 

The time you set in email tasks will then be in addition to that time. You can also set up multiple tasks to chase it more than once if required. For example, the first task reminds them after 1 hour, the 2nd task could offer a discount / coupon to tempt them back after 1 day. 

  1. Go to Email Tasks
  2. Add a task and select the event: Abandoned Order
  3. Enter subject and select the page: Email Abandoned Cart (this is a pre-existing system page you can edit)
  4. Enter the time daily as required
  5. Tick "Replace" (this stops the emails going out if a new order is received before they are sent)
  6. Test it works by adding some products to your cart and ensuring the email turns up after the specified time.

You can change the Email Abandoned Cart page layout in Page Manager, simply select System Page > Email abandoned Cart and make the required changes.

If you are sending out more than one followup email with different content on the 2nd and subsequent emails, it's simplest if you copy the system page content to a new page, save it and then select this new page in the Page Content field.

The following tags can be used in the page content to pull in specific data so it is personalised to the user.

Available Tags


{{ directory }}

This is your domain URL

{{ user.first_name }}

This pulls in just the first name of the user

{{ user.name }}

This pulls in the full name of the user

{{ order.id }}

This pulls in the order reference which was generated for this cart

{{ order.date }}

This pulls in the date when the user started to shop on the site on this occasion

{{ order.re_url }}

This provides a url link which the user can click to re-instate the order on your website. You will need to ensure this is in the content.

{{ order.details }} 

This pulls in the product lines the user had previously added to the cart 


High value abandoned cart notifications for admins
Receive an email alert when there is a high value cart that has been abandoned so you can contact the buyer to try to close the sale.

To enable this go to:

Site Settings > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts > "Alert Admins when Abandoned Cart Value is over" [enter value]