Set up custom buying rules which are applied at Checkout, can prevent customers from proceeding if they match the buying rule and which display different types of messages set by you.

Example 1, if you sell flammable products which can only be shipped by ground (i.e. only to countries or regions accessible by lorry), you can set up a rule to apply this restriction based on delivery regions and when the buyer is at checkout they are prevented from competing the transaction.  

Example 2, you can limit the minimum and maximum quantities of a product that can be sold at checkout. This may be helpful if there is excessive courier pricing on products over a certain weight or size and you want to offer a lower price based on lower quantities.

Example 3, you can limit which regions a product can be shipped to due to legal requirements or trade restrictions which affect certain countries and not others.

Setting Up The Checkout Messages

The message content that is displayed on checkout when the product meets the buying rule is taken from pages set up in Page Manager. This gives you total control over what content is displayed.

  • Via Page Manager, set up a Page with the message you wish to display at checkout
  • Ensure the following code is added into the page source code if you wish to display product details


<p class="clearfix" style="margin: 0 10px;"><img src="{product:main_image}" style="float:left; max-width:50px; max-height:50px; margin-right: 10px;" /><strong>{product:name}</strong><br /> {product:code}</p> 

Setting Up Buying Rules

  • Go to Admin > Checkout Buyer Rules 
  • Add your Buying Rule and select which Page content will be displayed to the buyer and the display format of the message (e.g. "Error" messages appear in red)
  • Tick the Stop Checkout box if you want this to stop the buyer progressing past the Checkout page, otherwise it will display your selected message and allow them through
  • Click Update Buying Rule

Specify Which Products Are Affected By The Buying Rule

  • Via Page Manager > Add/Edit Product > Prices & Delivery tab > Buying Rule field, select the buying rule which applies to this product. Tip: You can select multiple buying rules for a product. 
  • Push through a test order with the appropriate product(s) and ensure the checkout stops (if set that way) and the correct messages are displayed.


The Buying Rule field on the product record has been included in the product import/export programs so you can change it offline. The field is called "buying_rule_id".