You can set up Terms & Conditions on your website in two ways:

1) As a Terms And Conditions tick box which the buyer must tick to be able to proceed on the Checkout page. 

2)  As a normal page in Page Manager which displays on the site according to your navigation settings, but isn't used on the Checkout page with a tick box. Read here about setting up pages using the CMS.

Setting Up Terms And Conditions With A Tick Box On The Checkout Page

  • Enable this feature via Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Turn On the Terms & Conditions on Checkout
  • Add your content to the System Page called "checkout_terms_and_conditions" 
  • Optionally, change the descriptive text that appears on the Checkout page for the Terms & Conditions box via Admin > Site Definitions

 CodeValue Description 
T_AND_C_TITLETerms & ConditionsThe title for the optional Terms and Conditions box on Checkout
T_AND_C_LABELI Agree To The Terms And Conditions Of This WebsiteThe text next to the checkbox in the options Terms and Conditions box on Checkout
T_AND_C_ALERTYou need to tick to agree to the terms and conditions of this site to proceedThe text to go in the alert that appears if and order is submitted without the Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement being ticked

  • Put a test order through to the checkout page to ensure it is working as desired.