Adding A Basic Form

This is a 2-step process:

  1. Add the form header
  2. Add the fields in the form via the Edit program

Tip: Debugging & Testing A Form

Dry run mode allows full debugging info to be shown for the form as well as suppresses emails during this process. Useful for developers. On each form > Enable dry run mode.

Go to Admin > Forms & Processes > Add Form

The basic details need to be added such as:  (Items marked with an * are optional in the basic creation)

  1. Name (Title of the form)
  2. Caption (Helps uses identify what the purpose of the form is for)
  3. *Response URL (The page the user is re-directed too after completing the form)
  4. *Email admins
  5. Retain or change the submit button text
  6. Auto add as either a main app or sidebar app
  7. Add Form

Example Contact Form - header section

Tick the boxes Auto Main App and/or Auto Sidebar App to make the form into an app which can the ben selected in Page Manager to add it to the page you want it to appear on.

Edit the form 

Forms & Processes > Edit the applicable form and add the fields you require. 

On any of the input fields you can mark them as required, meaning the user must complete this part of the form in order to submit it.

A large variety of options are available as the input type ranging from: text, phone numbers, radio options, select drop downs, file input, phone number, email and more. 

Then click to Update Form when your changes are made.

You can then add the form to a page on your site or another site.

Large file & drag and drop uploads
There is a new Form Builder field type that allows large file uploads from customers with drag and drop support from their desktop (up to 100mb total between multiple files).
New field type in form builder > UI - Large File Uploader
Note: This requires a Premium Commerce licence upgrade and bespoke pricing for storage and server capacity.

Taking Payments Via Forms

Take payment via Paypal or Stripe via a form as detailed in this article

Testing & Monitoring Forms
When adding or changing forms always make sure you run tests on the different field selections to ensure the form works as expected. For the most important forms, ask us to set up automated tests and monitoring to check forms are always functioning (small charge applies).