To have a base price display inclusive of a normal RRP and or Special Offer Price, please read the below.

If you need to display one of the values from the following classes (below), the applicable class needs to get inserted into a span element as the following example demonstrates:

<span class="pp_auto_special_price_inc_vat">{{ product.price }}</span>  > This then wraps around the {{ product.price }} system tag.

You are then able to display its associated price plus 2 other prices those being, the RRP and then the special offer price, if special offer status is set, if set to Live , then only the including / excluding RRP will be shown relative to what VAT settings you have predefined in site setup.

Changes are made in the following template: Website Design > Edit Templates > Store > product_info.tpl

- pp_auto_price // price to be bought at (inc options, special or not, uses vat or ex vat based on setup)

- pp_auto_price_ex_vat // price ex vat (inc options, special or not)

- pp_auto_price_inc_vat // price inc vat (inc options, special or not)

- pp_auto_normal_price // price to be bought at (inc options, not special)

- pp_auto_special_price // price to be bought at (inc options, special)

- pp_auto_normal_price_ex_vat // price ex vat (inc options, not special)

- pp_auto_normal_price_inc_vat // price inc vat (inc options, not special)

- pp_auto_special_price_ex_vat // price ex vat (inc options, special)

- pp_auto_special_price_inc_vat // price inc vat (inc options, special)

If options are then selected on the product (front-end) with uplifts over and above the default price, any prices shown on the product page will now auto update to reflect the price change, when options are selected.