Creating A New Template

Via the Admin > Templates interface

  1. Click the "Add template directory" button and follow on screen instructions, it will take you through everything needed.


  1. Create a new directory at the top level the ftp access gives you.

  2. Add a template_config.json file to indicate any settings about this template:

        "name": "My new template",
        "description": "This is my new template",
        "extends": "responsive"
    • description: The description of the template directory to also be shown in Admin
    • extends: This is the template directory that this extends
  3. Start overriding / extending files

Extending / overriding files

Each file you add into a child template will override the one from the parent at the same path.

You can also reference a parent templates file from within its child file using the directory name prefixed with an @ symbol, e.g. @leagcy-base, @resposive-site, etc.