Managing API Accounts in REC

API accounts are managed from the API Accounts section in the backend of each REC instance.

To start using the api you will need an account.

First go to the API Accounts section in the REC backend, and click add an account.

Add a username, which will be used for the HTTP Basic Authentication, but is also needed for tracking purposes even if you're just using the Public side.

Set the domain name that will be using the api, and a contact email in case we need to contact you about usage or rate limits etc.

Next select the access scopes you will need. This is partly to help with stats of what you're using or intend to use in the future and also allows site admins to restrict access to certain areas, see the above section on Security for more information.

Once added, your full account details will be available on the All Accounts screen, click the edit icon to manage this account and view its security details.

In the Security Details section, you will find the keys you need to access the API.

So, if you want to just perform basic lookups on products, blogs etc, you can just pass the api_key in the url.

For more complex operations you will need to send the Full API details as your HTTP Authentication details.

You can regenerate the api key or password at any time, but you need to keep them in sync between the REC instance and the app using the api.