API Push To URL Notifications

This section is used to send out data based on events in the system. It simply sends out the raw json object on an event.

Currently it only supports new orders, update orders, new users, new signups and update users.

The new user event fires any time in the system a user is added, while the new signup event fires when a user registers on the site properly. (The new user event basically also counts users added by admins).

Edit User fires any time a user is modified, via the user or an admin.

The json object it sends contains an event value and a data object. The event value is simply the name of the event, in case the url you have set accepts multiple events, you can use this to find out which event it was and the data object contains the full resource as given from the api.

You can simply add unlimited urls to post to. 

For example, this could potentially be used with Zapier to send orders to an accounting package.