Changing To The Next Year At Year End

When you import products you enter a "From" and "To" Year, so that people can search on their exact year 


Make = Honda 

Model = CB1100

Year = 2014

At the end of a year, all products that remain as "current" models in the new year need to have their "end year" updated with the new year (e.g. 2015) or they will not show up in search if the new year is entered.

How To Do This

  1. Export the parts you need to change via Admin > Export System
  2. In the column marked flag_update_autoparts_end_year, enter 1 to indicate that the year needs to be changed to the new year
  3. Import the spreadsheet back into the system via Admin > Import System 
  4. Email with the Subject: Auto Parts Year End Change and your website URL so that we can run a command to enact the change
  5. We will inform you once it has been done
  6. Test the flagged products appear correctly in search for the current year