We have made 3 improvements to form builder:

1. Export Form Responses

You are now able to export form responses to a CSV file: either all responses, by date range and a tick box to if you really want records marked as spam. 

This is very helpful if you want to split data up for team members to act upon, for example after collecting data from an exhibition via a survey form.

2. Amend Form Processes

You can now amend form processes, rather than having to delete them and set them up again when you wanted to make small changes such as changing an email address for example. Select the form you wish to change, go to the Logic Filter section and click the relevant process to amend it, then save those changes.

3. Add A Google reCaptcha To Stop Spam

You can now use Google's very own re-captcha system to help eliminate spam coming through on forms. This typically presents the form-filler with a series of pictures to choose from, in an attempt to block automated robots from spamming forms.

To enable this:

  1. Register your site on Google reCaptcha
  2. Enter your reCaptcha details in Admin > Connect
  3. When you add/edit a form, tick the field called Use Google reCAPTCHA? and save the form.