Paypal Update

Changes have been to the system to comply with Paypal's move to SSL, which come into effect on 30th September.

Order Manager

Order Manager has been slightly updated with:

  • Better Quick Search filters (includes Invoice ID, Order State, Traffic Medium & Source)
  • Column totals now show on New Orders, In Progress etc (except All Activity & Abandoned carts)
  • Traffic Medium & Source displays on an individual order page

Search Results - Display Previous User Searches

You can now set an option to display common user search queries in the drop-down auto-fill section of the header search bar. This uses the last 1,000 user searches as the data source.

To turn this on go to Admin > Products & Store Pages Setup > Search Results Page > tick "Show Top User Queries In Search Autofill Drop-down" 


Release 4.1includes some fairly significant re-engineering changes to the way we store visitor data (which allows more accurate analysis of data sources and is also a pre-cursor to future visitor tracking functionality). We have also moved to UTF-8 character coding which better handles foreign language characters and symbols within the content.