The main feature changes in 4.2 are:

1. Improved Template Workflow for Designers

This makes it easier for designers to make changes by displaying all the files from the parent template, showing those ones which need to be copied in from the parent in grey with a simply Extend File button to click on to copy each file you need over to your template. 

2. Auto Parts Data Editable In Product Manager

It is now possible to directly edit auto parts data fields held in product options, such as: make model year, without needing to export the data out to make the change. 

3. Simplified Single-Line Text Editor

The text editor has been simplified down to a single line of button commands in most places around the system now e.g. Page Manager, Product Manager etc. This gives a cleaner look and feel and you can access the second line of button commands by clicking the "cog" button at the end of the row. Blogs and Email Manager still display both lines all the time.

4. "In / Out Of Stock" New Product Filter

When using Product Filter, you can now set up a new block for "In Stock" or "Out Of Stock" tag search.