Order Profitability Report

View how much profit you made within a specified date range using this new report. The system now records the product and option costs (using a new "cost" field that's been added to product options) on each order and then uses these to calculate overall order profitability. Discounts are taken into account and VAT is stripped out of the calculation. This is available via Admin > Reports. NB Remember you will need to add your product/option costs to each product for this to work out the profitability, otherwise it will simply be an order summary list. 

Delivery Issues / Conflicts Report

This useful set of 7 tools can be used to identify issues, warnings or recommendations in the way your delivery is configured which might prevent users from being able to process their order, for example ensuring all the required regions and delivery services are live for your user base. This is particularly useful for more sophisticated delivery services and international shipping. This is accessible via Despatch & Delivery Manager > Issue/Conflict Report. When you run each tool, if there are no issues then it will report "We have found no issues to report" otherwise it will create a downloadable report for you to implement the required changes.

Additional Import / Export Options

Aside from the existing import / export functions, you can now also import or export manufacturers, categories and product attributes.