Available: 13th April 2016

Import/Export Download Information

You can now import and export your download information via the Import and Export Systems in Admin. This is useful for sites who need to add / edit a large number of downloads, categories and permissions. You would have to have FTP access granted to be able to upload the actual download files in bulk.

Send Email To Users Not In Any Groups

Via Email Manager, you can now send out an email campaign to all users who are not assigned to any specific group. To send to these users, click on the Group 1 dropdown and scroll to the bottom and select ~Users Not In Any Group~ 

Display Product's Options / Attributes In Product Category Lists

It is now possible to display options and attributes in product category lists. Products are listed in rows with any available options / attributes shown underneath their respective product. You can also add Buy Now buttons for each particular product option variation. To enable this requires template changes, please contact your design agency for assistance and pricing.

Allow Full URIs To Be Redirected

Previously in Redirect Manager, you could only enter the "page" part of a URI for redirection to another page e.g. Contact.html to Contact_Us.html. You can now enter a full URI for redirection and tick "Handle Full URI". An example of this might be that you had a site running on "www2." or maybe an IP address you used when building the site before moving it to "www.", and there are links hard-coded in the site which still go to "www2." or the IP address. You can now write a regular expression which would re-direct all such links whenever found on pages to the "www." version.  In addition, you can also tick "Case Insensitive" so that ignores the case. 

Mobile Friendly Display Of Business Cards

The Business Cards functionality in the system has now been added to the responsive design templates so it is mobile friendly.