New Download Privacy & Security

Downloads can now be marked as private and secure in Download Manager so that the download is held in a private folder which is non-indexable by search engines and the download URL is obscured so it can't be guessed using the standard download URL format. Simply tick the Mark as private / secure field on the download record.

Email Manager Improvements

Email Manager has been improved with the following new features:

Summary of opens and clicks with pie chart plus see a list of which users are opening emails and clicking links. You can see tracking information for campaigns by clicking on the View Set Emails button at the top of the scree next to the Write Email button.

Track Important Downloads

If you have a special download file you need to track, add it via Download Manager (remember to tick the Mark as private / secure box to prevent it showing on your site) and paste the generated Auto Download URL inside your email. This tracks and updates the click count for the email in Email Manager and the download count in Downloads Manager.

Mark as Public

At a campaign level, tick to allow an email to be returned through the API (e.g. to show these emails on the front of your site such as newsletters)