Payment Processors are required for you to accept payments on your site.

This can be either taking the payment live at the time the order is being put through via a credit/debit card or intermediary service (e.g. via a service such as Paypal, Sagepay etc) or taking a payment manually (e.g. Cash on delivery, by invoice, by bank transfer).

Taking payments live on your site typically means you need to set up your bank / merchant account first and this can take up to 6 weeks to go through sometimes. Be careful to check that we can support your payment provider before signing up, otherwise there is a minimum integration charge of £950.

Click here to read more about which electronic payment systems we support and PCI compliance.

Once you have set up your required banking, you will need to set up the account credentials provided by your provider. The following links explain how to set this up for your website:

How do I set up...


Paypal Commerce (new in 2021 and supersedes Paypal Express / Paypal Checkout)

Paypal Express

Paypal Express Checkout

Stripe (including Apple Pay & Google Pay)

ePDQ Barclays



Lloyds TSB (from September 2021)

How do I activate this on my website?

To activate a payment processor go to Admin > Payment Processor Manager and select the processor you require from the list of those supported.

You can set up the text information and logo, which is shown on the checkout page, plus the zones that this payment option will be available for (e.g. you may use Sagepay for the UK and for the US). 

Setting Other Conditions For Displaying A Payment Processor

You can set whether this processor will display for the following conditions:

  • Applies to digital products? 
  • The minimum and maximum order value
  • Products in selected categories are on the order 
  • Mark orders that use this payment method as unpaid?
    This marks orders in red in order manager and on the order screen will ask admins to mark as paid.


You can test a new payment processor in different modes hidden from the public before making it live and visible to users. These are Test mode (test transactions are sent to a sandbox area and not processed) or Stage Mode (a live transaction can be processed by Admins but the payment processor is not visible to regular visitors) and Live Mode (use this following testing to make it live on the website).

You can also change the Status of the payment processor between on and off to activate or de-activate it on the website. 

Other Useful Links

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