What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about setting up your site and content to ensure it has the best possible visibility within search engine results.

Read Moz's Comprehensive Beginners Guide On SEO

REC+ SEO Architecture

REC+ has been designed to present your content and data to search engines in a friendly way in accordance with their guidelines. SEO features include:

  • Search engine friendly URL's
  • Configurable meta data (titles, descriptions and keywords)
  • Upload and name files in an SEO friendly way
  • Set alt text on images
  • Automatically name product files after the product title
  • Use micro data for products
  • Direct different versions of the same URL to a single version, typically the "www." version
  • Autogenerated sitemap
  • URL Redirect manager 
  • Autogenerated robots.txt file with ability to turn off indexing for system pages and product filtering 

Content Is King

Relevant content is the key element for you to focus on, as it is this which ultimately affects how search engines return your pages via search queries. Note: It is important you write content from the perspective of the reader first, and then optimise it for search engines second. Product data quality is especially important to focus on in terms of good product titles, use of brand names, strong descriptions and relevant options and attributes. 

Remember: Ensure all images you upload to the site are optimised to have the lowest possible file sizes for faster page load speed. In addition, we use thumbnailing, caching and WebP browser support to deliver faster load times.

Product Data Feed

Product data can be fed into Google Shopping via our Google feed for use with Product Listing Ads.

Site Launch

Launching your site correctly is critical and we recommend following a thorough site launch process with plenty of time allowed for proof reading, content sign off, plus comprehensive testing for user journeys, forms, checkout process and browsers. 

Analytics & Search Console

We integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can monitor the health of your site (indexing, crawl stats, 404 errors etc) as well as traffic, events, revenues and conversions.