Admin Comments

This allows comments & activities to be tracked on the main Dashboard, on pages in Page Manager and on user records in User Manager. Only other admins can see these notes, they are not available for viewing nor commenting by your regular website users. When adding a comment, you can insert an image and URL's will automatically become clickable links. 

Adding To Do Checklists

You can add a checklist into a comment. Only the admin who adds it can tick or untick items, but others can see the progress of the checklist (and separately add their own comments for updates).

Checklists are initially entered using open/closing square brackets with a space in between, followed by the name of the to do item, then the system formats it for you. Here's an example of how you enter it:

My checklist: 

[ ] item 1 

[ ] item 2 

[ ] item 2


When adding a comment you can email message other admins using "mentions" by typing @username into any part of it. This looks up the admin by username first, then full name if they don't have a username set. An email is sent along with comment details. Mentions are only allowed when initially adding a comment, not with edits.


You can pin important comments so they appear at the top of your list by clicking on the star that appears when you hover over the comment. If you have several pinned comments it will organise them by newest added comment first.  

Editing & Deleting Comments

You can edit and delete comments and quickly undo deletes via the prompt box.

Viewing All Comments & Activities

In the comment area, click the link All Site Comments to see all comments and activities on the site listed by newest comments first. Pinned comments are shown in chronological sequence but highlighted for easy identification. You can also access All Site Comments via the program Search bar. You cannot add new comments here.


As standard, Comments are stored in pre-defined sections dependent on where they are entered. These are Dashboard, Pages and Users. You can set up your own custom sections in All Site Comments and then switch between sections to add comments. In custom sections you can also add a summary description which explains what it is for.

Creating Your Own Uses - Examples

Project Tracking - Track project progress with tick-able To Do lists 
  • Create a Project section for each project you wish to track
  • Add comments to each section
  • Pin critical path activities to the top of the list

Performance Dashboard - 
Record and view major actions on the Dashboard 

Track marketing initiatives, email campaigns going out, changes in Adwords spend, pricing updates etc which can have a material impact on performance.
  • Go to the main Dashboard screen 
  • Add comments for key activities likely to affect performance
  • Pin outstanding or most important activities to the top of the list

Collaboration - 
Add and record internal Chat between admins as they collaborate on activities
  • Add a comment in the required section
  • Use @username to email other admins who need to be kept in the loop
  • Pin outstanding or most important activities to the top of the list

Content Control  - Record actions on page content

Keep a record of the purpose of a page, what has been changed on it, by who and why
  • Add a comment to the affected page
  • Use @username to email other admins who need to be kept in the loop e.g. for proof-reading, design or approval
  • Pin outstanding or most important activities to the top of the list

Executive Overview - View all comments and activities to keep up to speed

See everything that is being recorded and pinned including sales & marketing activities, project tracking, content changes and whatever other sections you've set up.