Send automated emails to buyers which are specific to the products they have purchased. 

Uses include: 

  • Setting up tripwires to convert more people to buyers
  • Cross-selling related products
  • Sending information on warranty / technical instructions / care & handling / support information  
  • Flagging new product developments and pre-order items 

Set Up Instructions

  1. Set up a page with the content you will send in Page Manager (e.g. Warranty Information)
  2. Go into Purchase Events and add a new event (e.g. called Warranty Information) with the Event field set to email 
  3. Select the page that will be used for the content for the email (e.g. Warranty Information)
  4. Enter the email header line in the Subject field
  5. On each product for which you wish to send this content, go into Product Manager (in Prices & Delivery tab for existing products) and select the event you just added in the Purchase Event field (e.g. Warranty Information).
  6. When the buyer purchases a product with an email purchase event set, it will email them the related page content you have set up.