Form Builder allows you to create custom forms for your site and add processes so that specific actions take place, either dependent upon which fields and values are selected when the form is filled in, or when the form is submitted.

Example Uses

Contact page form to receive general enquiries
Use or extend the standard in-built contact form to capture enquiries on your site and receive an email each time the form is filled in.
Enquiry form on multiple pages
Add a common form onto multiple pages and then use some javascript with a hidden field to record which page the user was on when they submitted the form, to pinpoint where their interest originated from.
Exhibition show lead capture
Design a custom form that captures leads at shows with all the details you need to know. Use hidden private fields to make sales notes on each contact. Put leads into groups dependent upon their urgency or value and send personalised emails to these groups in Email Manager.
Registering to receive a download
Capture email addresses by offering useful downloadable white papers, guides etc. Ensure email validation by sending the download link via the email with which the user registered.
Trade membership enquiries
Create a trade membership form to capture all the necessary details for an application. Optionally, assign enquirers into a trade user group so they can automatically see trade prices once they complete registration.
Simple surveys
Set up a series of survey questions across different pages dependent on the answers given using "form flows" and redirects. Calculate ratings by downloading a CSV of all form replies and total them in a spreadsheet.
Personalised customer journeys
Use form flows and redirects to navigate users through different content pages which can be personalised dependent upon the answers given to questions on the previous page.
"Slippery Slope" sales qualification funnel
Similar to above, use form flows, redirects and custom page content to take a potential prospect through your selling qualification and assign them to groups so you can prioritise who to contact or email first.
Back in stock alerts
Allow visitors to your product pages to sign up for email alerts once an out of stock product is replenished. Uses a standard form applied on the product page which uses the "back in stock subscription" notification process.
Capturing custom data during the checkout process
Create custom forms that can be hooked into the checkout process by a developer to capture extra information in the checkout process and display it in Order Manager. For example, engraving information when a trophy is purchased.
Taking one-off payments for memberships or services
Take a payment via Paypal for a membership or service, with the ability to set up a pricing table to handle a number of selectable options, e.g. 1, 2 or 3 year membership for Adult, Student, OAP, Child member levels.
Selling Tickets For Events    Take a payment via Paypal for buying event tickets, then include the form ID as a booking reference in an email back to the buyer. Print all the form responses via the CSV download and then you can mark off the ticket at the Box Office entrance to stop multiple entrants. Alternatively, print off and send numbered tickets via an online service like this one.
Create A Simple CRM
Add "private" fields into the form (i.e. which do not appear to the user completing the form), then once a form has been submitted you can add extra information to the record which only admins see. For example, this could be a record of how you replied to a request for more information, or a sales enquiry or a support issue.

The Complete Guide To Building Forms & Processes

Access the detailed guide on building forms, adding processes and placing your form on web pages.

Combating Spam

Our Intelligent Spam Filter sniffs out likely spam responses and either automatically rejects them after they've been submitted by the spammer, or places them inside your form's spam folder in case you need to retrieve a genuine email that has been written in a 'spammy' way.