Forms can be individually styled and also use AJAX transitions for displaying successful submission as well as modal popups.

You style individual form builder sections / fieldsets via CSS. Each form section is a fieldset (by default) and each has a data attribute of its section id e.g. 

<fieldset class="rec-form-section" data-section-id="3">...</fieldset> 

So you can style these using css's attribute selectors e.g. 

 .rec-form-section[data-section-id="3"] { background: #FFC; border: #FF3; } 

Then inside each of these sections is a legend element, containing the section's title,which can also be targeted e.g.

 .rec-form-section[data-section-id="3"] legend { font-size: 18px; }

Previewing A Form 

You can see a preview of the form you are creating, once it's been saved, by scrolling down to the Preview section. 

Debugging & Testing A Form

Dry run mode allows full debugging info to be shown as well as suppresses emails during this process. Useful for developers. On each form > Enable dry run mode.