REC has a very flexible form building system which also allows you to create processes and set logic to control what happens when people fill in the form and when they save it. This guide aims to cover the fields which require extra explanation plus how to add forms to pages. 

Testing & Monitoring Forms
When adding or changing forms always make sure you run tests on the different field selections to ensure the form works as expected. For the most important forms, ask us to set up automated tests and monitoring to check forms are always functioning (small charge applies).

You access forms via Form Builder.

Main Form Details

New fields / features:

  • Split into column layout? 
    Optionally split your fields into 2 sections to display them in 2 columns on the site
  • New form layout for floating placeholder display.
    This optional new display moves form labels into the fields and then as the user enters into the field the label reduces in size and moves to float above the field nicely
  • Referrer page added to form replies
    Form replies include the page from which a user filled out a form, this is very useful where you have the same form shown on multiple pages meaning you can determine which specific page it came from.

Taking Payments

You can take payments when a form is submitted, complete the following in this stage:

You can then set up the form fields in the next stage.

To set up Stripe for payments:

Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > Stripe

(add public & secret key from Stripe here, found in your stripe account > developer > api keys)

NB For GDPR - Enable the Stripe Cookies & * domain in Cookie Manager

GDPR Update: Showing Individual Form Responses To Users In Customer Area.

GDPR promotes showing people what information is held on them by you. You can now set which form responses the user has submitted in the User Area and the user can log in then click on the Your Form Response link in the Custom Links sidebar. The responses include all forms they completed either:

  • When they were either logged in, or;
  • Where their email address appears in the email address field of a submitted form

To set this up for the form:

  • Tick or untick "Show In Customer Area" 
  • In Admin, go to "Customise User Area" and tick "Show Your Form Responses" as required, so that the link appears or not in the User Area when users are logged in.

Admin Notifications

Business Intelligence alerts you to various notifications when users interact with the site including a count of unread form replies you have received. You can determine which forms are included in the count by editing the form and unticking the option: Show in header notifications?

You have now added the main form details. Edit the form to add the fields to it that you want to capture.

Tip: Debugging & Testing A Form

Dry run mode allows full debugging info to be shown for the form as well as suppresses emails during this process. Useful for developers. On each form > Enable dry run mode.

Next Step: Add Sections & Fields