Making Your Forms More Interactive With Logic Filters

Using Logic Filters allows you to build processes to control what happens when a respondent fills in a form field and submits a form. You can add criteria to those processes so that the action only occurs when the specified criteria is met.

This is achieved by adding processes and criteria to the form, or a series of processes which are executed one after another to complete a set of actions. The action is triggered when the form button is clicked (e.g. Submit)

For example you can redirect a customer to another page on the site when they select certain values, allowing you to build a customer journey through the site. By adding more forms on each page, you can progressively collect more data and store it as a form flow. See Example Uses Of Forms & Processes on the Overview page.

Click 'Add Process' to start and add criteria where relevant.

Available Processes

EmailSend and email to notify an admin, or select a field in the form to send the email to.
For example, this could be the respondent's email address so they also get a copy of the form fields they filled in. 
DownloadSelect a download that will be sent to a user once they submit the form.
If you want to validate their email address, you can instead send them an email with a link to the download embedded into it. That means they will have to have entered a valid email address.
RedirectRedirect a user to a given page when they submit the form.
You can use redirects to create customer journeys through the site and capture more data as you go. 
Sign UpSign a user up to site and put them into a specified user group 
AJAX Response Page Text    Display text to be displayed to the user when the form is submitted. 
Add To CartAdd a product to the shopping cart. This method requires JavaScript to embed a JSON encoded object containing details of the product, quantity and any options. E.g. { "product_id": 2, "qty": 1, "options": [8, 6] } REQUIRES DEVELOPER
End Form Response SessionEnd the form response session formally, in case the form is re-entered again in the same session by the user.
Product Back In Stock SubscribeThis enables respondents to automatically receive an alert when stock is back in stock
Push NotifyThis sends out a notification via the Push system (e.g. Pushbullet) to your phone / desktop whenever a form is filled in.
SMS NotifyThis sends out an SMS notification via the Push system (e.g. Pushbullet) to your phone / desktop whenever a form is filled in. Read how to setup SMS.
PaymentOn submit of the form, the respondent is redirected to Paypal to take the payments set up on the site and marked as being included in the total. For example, a membership fee. The form data is not saved until the payment is successfully taken on Paypal. 
ProspectAdd an enquiry to Prospect Manager CRM
Form ScoreCollect a score from a set range of scores.
Product Launch SubscribeSubscribe to receive notifications when a product is launched.
Requires a hidden product_id input field which is populated by javascript on the product page.
Works in conjunction with product launch dates on the product record. The email address collected on this form is inserted into a notification table and an email is sent by the system for launch date.