Adding Forms To Pages

Forms can be added to pages in the following ways:

  1. As an "App" which can then be selected in the main body content or in the sidebar of a page in Page Manager   RECOMMENDED
    • When you add a form, tick the boxes Auto Main App and/or Auto Sidebar App to make the form into an app which can then be selected in Page Manager to add it to the page the form will appear on.
  2. Via a template tag when you tick "Use template tags in page content"    FOR DESIGNERS: This allows more design flexibility. Can also be used to insert other data e.g. via the API
  3. By copying the "Simple Package HTML" code generated when you are creating the form (which also allows more design styling) and pasting it into a page

The advantage of using methods 1 & 2 over method 3 is that whenever the form itself is updated, then it automatically changes on the page. Method 3 would require that you replace the static HTML with the newly updated version of the HTML when the form is changed. 

Using An Existing Form On Another REC Site

You can copy the JSON package data generated for a form onto another site, saving time recreating it from scratch. 

Using A Form On A Non-REC Site

You can add a form onto another non-REC site by using method 3 above. NB If you subsequently change the form you must update the static HTML on the other site. Form responses will be captured in the REC site you where the form resides.