We have released a number of changes for the CMS system, Ecommerce and Prospect Manager:


Form Fade Out Effect Once Completed

An effect has been added to forms so that when they have been completed the form fades out, providing extra reinforcement to users that the form has been successfully submitted.  To use this the form field options must be ticked for Ajax Submission and Fade On Submit


Reorder Products Confirmation Screen

When previous customers log in to their administration area, when choosing to re-order a product they now see a confirmation screen displaying the products and options for the order. This means that if new options have been added, or other previous options removed, or prices changed, the user can make the correct selection and be charged correctly.

Google Product Feed Includes More Attributes

The feed sent to Google now includes product attributes in the description field, appended at the end as a list using "|" separators. This is to provide improved SEO visibility and traffic.

Prospect Manager

Using the Membership Code field to store account ID's

You can now enter an account ID using the "Membership Code" field, for example to enter the code for a client taken from a separate accounts system. This can be searched on in Prospect Manager in the "Customer / Company" search field. NB You can rename the Membership Code field as per below.

New Site Definition

MEMBERSHIP_CODE You can alter this from "Membership Code" to "Account ID" for example.