Send automated emails to buyers to prompt them to replenish the products they ordered previously. For example, if you sell goods like dog food or ink cartridges then you might wish to send an email after 30 or 90 days to remind them to buy again.

Set Up

First via Page Manager, set up a new page which will contain the email content you will send them. Turn off the "PageType" navigation so it isn't included in your header, footer or other links. Tick to prevent Google from indexing this page too. 

Include the tag {{ products_bought_reorder }} which will list the products with a link to re-order them.

In Email Tasks, set up a new task with the Event: New Order. Select the page you set up previously for the email content and set how many days before the email goes out. It is recommended that you set this to the number of days it normally takes for a product to run out. Tick the "Replace" field as this will then reset the timer when the next order is received so you can repeat the cycle.