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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers typically advertise products and services for companies they are affiliated to via other websites and blogs, receiving a commission every time someone follows a link from those sites and makes a purchase with you.

Setting Up Your Affiliate Scheme

  1. In Site Settings > Ecommerce, tick the following settings as required:

    • Affiliates Earnings should be Calculated with Delivery Added
    • Affiliate For Life (Assign all Subsequent Orders to the Affiliate from which they first originated)
  2. Add a user in User Manager
  3. In the Affiliate tab tick the field: Is this user an affiliate?
  4. Enter any commission you're paying in the field: If so, add a percentage for them here
    e.g. for 10% enter 10 (leave off the % sign)
  5. Note the membership number as you'll need that for the affiliate link 
    • Hint: Change the membership code to an easy to remember name such as the business
      name or influencer, for example: danemere, josmith
  6. Provide the affiliate with your URL link with this on the end: ?aff=membership_number  eg
  7. Test everything works before engaging with your affiliates

Referral Marketing

Referral or cross over marketing is similar to affiliate marketing, whereby you build a network of people who are promoting your products and pay them a commission on sales made. Referrals are then made via traditional methods, such as issuing printed coupons which are given out to people to redeem online at a later date. The affiliates giving out the coupons could be retailers who sell your product such as charities, dogs homes etc, or schools, clubs or other organisations. When the coupon is used, the buyer gets the discount set up on the coupon and the affiliate gets whatever commission you have entered on their user record. You could also ask the affiliate to place a link to your site on their website too and drive some sales that way as well.

Setting Up Your Referral Affiliate Scheme

  1. Follow the steps above
  2. Set up a coupon  with the name equal to the affiliate number so it can track it back to them
    • Hint: Set up the coupon with 2 or more uses to tempt them to use it more than once.

Calculating Commission Due & Marking Payments

In Reports, there are two affiliate reports you can run called Affiliate Order Summary Report and Individual Affiliate Order Report.

In the Individual Affiliate report you can also mark which outstanding commission payments you will pay and batch process them to save time.

You need to organise the actual payment to the affiliate outside of the system. For example, if you send them a cheque you could enclose a printed copy of this report. You can also mark it as paid in Order Manager (see below)

Seeing Affiliate Orders In Order Manager

In Order Manager, you will be able to see if an order has originated from an affiliate in the Source column which will also display which affiliate it came from when you hover over the icon and will take you to the affiliate's page when you click it.

On the actual order itself, a message appears in the header showing the affiliate commission details for the order and whether it has been paid via a tickbox. You can mark or unmark the commission as paid via this tickbox.

Affiliate “Self Service”

Affiliates can login to their account and click Affiliate Scheme Details in the Quick Links menu to view their summarised commission position.

  • Set this up in Customize User Area and tick the following as appropriate:
  • Show Affiliates their monthly total? 
  • Show Affiliates their percentages of orders and their brought in order values?