Collect product reviews on your own site automatically using Email Tasks or on the product page directly. This engenders trust when reviews are overwhelmingly positive. You can also add product reviews collected off-line via Product Reviews in Admin.

Example Of Reviews Being Displayed On Your Site

1. Summary of all reviews displayed by the price

2. Individual reviews listed on the product page

Send automated product review emails to buyers to prompt them to leave more reviews on your site. Once the reviews have been received, you are able to approve them and also feature a review. 

"Verified Purchase" marker on reviews.
Your product reviews will show a marker verifying that a purchase was made before leaving the review. This helps increase confidence for future customers reading reviews left on REC+.

Set Up

1. In Site Settings > Ecommerce > Product Reviews Section

  • Select the colours for the stars to be displayed on your site
  • Untick Hide Product Ratings ( If ticked this will still allow users to add their own reviews on the product page, but will not display them)

2.  Via Page Manager, set up a new product review page which will be used to remind the buyer to leave a review. Turn off the "PageType" navigation so it isn't included in your header, footer or other links. Tick to prevent Google from indexing this page too. 

Include the product details tag {{ products_bought }} in the body of your email; this contains a list of the purchased product(s) for that order with a link to click to leave a review against each order.

Alternatively, you can use a template which gives you greater control over the display of the email.

3. Optionally, add the Enable Featured Products sidebar app to the required pages on your website to showcase your best reviews

4. In Email Tasks, set up a new task with the Event: New Order. Select the page you set up previously for the email content and set how many hours / days before the email goes out. It is recommended that you set this to 3 - 7 days dependent upon your delivery timescales. Leave the "Replace" field unticked.

Alternatively use the Despatched Order event so that the timing is based on when the order is actually despatched to be sure the review email arrives after the package has actually turned up.

Approving & Managing Your Reviews

You can manage your reviews via Admin > Product Reviews. New reviews appear in the "New" section and you can then edit them and set them to Checked so that they appear on the site, or need further customer service and are not spammy. Once checked, they will move into the "Checked" section. 

You can also suspend a review or "feature" a review so that it appears in the "Product Review" app (which you can add as a sidebar or main body app). 

Receiving, Checking & Publishing Reviews

1. A review is entered on the site by a logged-in user, it's status is set to "New" and it will appear on the site straightaway

2. An email alert is sent to the site admin to say a review has been left

3. Go into Admin > Product Reviews to check the review and then set it's status to Checked so it appears publicly on the product page, alternatively you can set it to Suspended if it isn't genuine.

4. To feature a product review in the Featured Products sidebar app then tick the Featured? box on the product review.

Staff Reviews

Staff reviews are a good way to help visitors by describing why you particularly like a new product you've added to your site. Simply go into Product Reviews > Add Product and leave the Customer ID blank so it appears as being a Staff review. You could also set it as a Featured Review.

Learn From Your Reviews

Reviews are a key source of feedback about your products and service and can provide you with key information on how you can improve further. Build this into your conversion optimisation process.

Using The Service

You can integrate with the service which also allows you to display star ratings in Google Ads and which can be displayed on your product pages along with your other reviews..

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