Collect independent reviews for your company and products (when advertised via PLA's) using paid online review service which integrates with REC+ and Google. Contact us for more information and preferential pricing.

Why Use 3rd Party Reviews

Reviews provide the star ratings displayed alongside your company (rating your overall service) and paid ads (rating the product itself). Companies running them typically see an increase in revenues and slightly reduced costs.


Setting Up Your Integration In REC+

  1. Login to
  2. When on the dashboard, got to Product Setup > Product Catalogue
  3. Click the "Add Product Feed" button
  4. If you have Google Shopping, click the "Link Google Shopping Account" button and follow the steps to connect your account. Connecting your Google Shopping account will enable the product reviews received by to be sent across to Google Shopping so they can be shown as star ratings on your Google Ads.
  5. Back on the Add Product Feed page, enter "" into the Product Feed URL input; make sure that CSV is selected in the dropdown and click "Add". Once has downloaded your product feed, it will understand how to relate product reviews to products.
  6. In the top bar, go to Invitations > Edit / Create Invitation Templates.
  7. Create a template for Company Reviews and a template for Product Reviews. Alternatively, you can create a single template to handle both.
  8. In the top bar, go to Company Setup > Automated Review Collection and click on "Instructions" in the "BCC Integration" box.
  9. In Step 2 of the BCC Integration instructions there will be an email address that should end with "". Copy this email address.
  10. On your REC+ Site, go to Site Settings > Ecommerce and paste the email address from into the "BCC Order Confirmation Emails to" input.

Once the above steps have been done, every time a customer makes an order the confirmation email will also be sent to They will then send out emails requesting reviews (using the templates you created earlier) after a certain amount of time (7 days default, this can be changed when editing the template on

Once you have implemented this, you should start receiving reviews soon afterwards. 

Stopping Reviews Going Out To Frequent Buyers

When selling to frequent buyers such as dealers or distributors you may want to stop them getting review notifications for every order by changing this site setting:

Site Admin > Settings > Ecommerce > Do Not BCC Order Confirmation Emails for the following Groups
(i.e.the selected groups will not be sent a product review email from the service; 'ungrouped' retail buyers will always receive the product review email).

Reminder: the emails will be sent after the number of hours specified in the Site setting > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned After How Many Hours?

Combine Reviews From Your Own Website &

You can already collect reviews on your own website using Email Tasks, but the key extra benefit of the service is that it allows you to push star ratings into Google Ads. So you may wish to combine both sets of reviews on your product pages. 

To do this requires a template change and to set up an API key for your site. Contact us for pricing. 

Setting Up The / Integration Key
Admin > Connect > API Key & Site ID