Set up charitable giving on your website whereby your business will donate a fixed value or percentage of the order value (excluding delivery charges) to one of the charities you support, which are listed on the thank you page displayed as the last step of the checkout process. The buyer simply clicks their preferred charity from your list and this is recorded in the system so you can manage the donations.

Setting Up Your Charitable Giving

1. Set up your charities

Go to Admin > Add Charity. 

Set up the charity including their name, an image, description and potentially an affiliate code if you are linking up with the Charities affiliate system (if they have one). Once you're done, click Update.

2. Set up the amount to be donated by you

In Charity Manager you can view the total amount you have generated for charity as well as the most popular charity. There are also options for you to donate a lump sum or percentage of the order value every time you receive an order which you can select here. Click Save Values when you are finished editing.

You can drag and drop your charities to change the order in which they appear in the on the Thanks Page (after the user completes an order).

Managing Donations 

You can manage all of your donations in the Manage Donations page. There are options to filter the results at the top by dates, status and/or charity. 

The table shows all new donations including the amount for each charity to whom you need to forward funds, and then use the batch process to change them all at once from "New‟ to "Paid‟ or tick them individually.

How To Hide The Value That's Being Donated

In Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout tick Charity Donations