Benefit From Easy Pricing Intelligence

Price Compare allows you to add your product prices and those of your competitors so you can track which products are cheaper or more expensive than your competitors and see how this affects your conversion rates by linking to your Google Analytics account. 

In its simplest form, you can use pricing intelligence to increase margins on products you are selling too cheaply and trim back prices on products which are over-priced in price-sensitive markets. There are many other benefits from pricing intelligence and how it aids your marketing, average order values and profit margins:

Price match to sell more products

Check whether your products are over-priced against key competitors and match where possible

Increase your margin

Identify under-priced products so you can increase your price and improve margins

Increase your AOV (Average Order Value)Focus on big ticket items to ensure they are price competitive to encourage  more sales and drive up your average order value. Include cross-sell and up-sell options in your shopping cart process to push up the AOV further

Plan better promos

Decide which products to include in your promos: either by discounting over-priced products or by highlighting those cheaper than your competitors

Retain your loss leaders

Make sure your loss leaders are not being under-cut, especially items which are typically first added to cart by buyers

Plan price updates

Check how regularly competitor prices change so you can plan when best to change yours

Monitor pass-through price hikes

Check to see who moves prices first, for example when raw material costs go up, and promote your products while your price is lower

React to competitor price changes

Know when competitors have changed their prices through daily email alerts and adjust your prices accordingly

See if competitors are spying on you

See if competitors are monitoring your site and price matching when yours change, thereby making your promotions less effective

Validate Price Match Claims

Look up a product on a particular day so you can confirm a "Price Match" claim.

Check suppliers aren't undercutting

Monitor suppliers' prices for dumping end of season stock or running discounts which undermine your prices

Understand stock positions

See when competitors / resellers are out of stock so you can corner the market or replenish reseller stock more quickly

Determine the effect of delivery prices

Check how delivery costs set by you and your competitors makes a difference to sales volumes

Monitor brand changes

Check whether sales are slipping or soaring due to brands becoming more or less popular on google search

Detect competitors pulling products

Monitor data feed errors to see if competitors are pulling products, or having website issues that cause pages not to be displayed

Check for price violations

Manufacturers, monitor your resellers for pricing violations and that your new pricing structures are put into place at the correct time

Identify reseller pricing strategies

Understand what's driving reseller volumes, whether through price reductions or higher prices with better service

How It Works

  1. Add Domains
    Add in the domains you want to track plus your own and set up the templates to track normal RRP or special prices and whether the site displays prices inclusive of tax or not.

  2. Add Products
    Add your products and matching ones from your competitors or distributors. Include delivery costs, categories, brand names, product codes and more.

  3. Monitor Daily
    Prices are checked every day and can be viewed in the dashboard. Download over-priced and under-priced product reports to see where you need to trim or increase your prices.

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