We have introduced a number of enhancements in this release which will roll out from 26th January, including: 

  • Weekly Tips to help admins with your conversion optimisation program
  • Email by user tags so you can precisely segment who receives your campaigns (30th Jan)
  • Connect to Google Tag Manager to make it easier to insert 3rd party tracking code. 
  • Add meta data on Manufacturer records for improved SEO 
  • Improved Order Manager sorting to complement the recent release of 30-day session cookies
  • Prospect Manager links added to make it easier to roll forward a reminder 
  • Create a prospect in Prospect Manager directly via a form created in Forms & Processes (30th Jan)
  • Disable a dropdown option temporarily on a form by adding a '-' in front of the drop down text.

Weekly Tips

Each week we will provide a new conversion optimisation tip and links to Freshdesk on articles that help you set up the system, where applicable

Send Email By User Tags

In Email Manager you can now select who will receive emails by selecting a 'user tag'. This will then send emails to people whose user record has a matching tag. Reminder: use the User Tags program to set up tags, then in User Manager > user record > Tags tab > select tags which apply.

Google Tag Manager

Create and publish a tag in Google Tag Manager

  • In REC Admin > Connect > SEO and enter your Google Tag Manager Container ID
  • In Google Tag Manager, Go to Latest Version > (the lower 3 dots in top corner) > Preview
  • After the page refreshes, you should see a Google Tag Manager Box at the bottom of the screen with the new tag under "Tags on this page"

Manufacturer Meta Data

Go to Manufacturer Manager > Add or Edit a manufacturer > Add title, keywords and description 

Order Manager Sorting

Order Manager will now sort by payment date from the New Order status onwards. This has been changed since the introduction of 30-day cookies to ensure you see all newly paid orders appear at the top of the New Orders screen. 


Prospect Manager Reminders

You can now roll on a reminder by clicking the links to the side of the Reminder fields to advance the date/time by 1 hour, 1 day etc.

Create A Prospect When Someone Submits A FormYou can now set forms up so that they automatically create a new record in Prospect Manager.

  • Add / edit an existing form
  • Under Logic Processes, add a new action Add A New Prospect
  • Select who to assign as the owner in Prospect Manager who will manage this form, which user group to put this user into (you can choose whether this overrides an existing user group setting or not) and which user tag to give to the user. 

Drag'n'drop Files In Download Manager

You can now drag and drop download files in, rather than having to press to Upload. 

Temporarily Disable A Dropdown Option On A Form

You can disable a dropdown option temporarily on a form by adding a '-' in front of the drop down text via Form Builder.