Available Tuesday 6th February 2018

Email Signatures For Admins

You now have the ability to enter an email signature on admin user records (in this case you'd be using it for sales agents) and have this displayed within the emails you send via Prospect Manager by adding in the tag {{ email_signature }} to the "email quote" and "email quote comment" system pages. 

To set it up go into the existing admin user record in User Manager and edit the record. The email signature is below the Contact Details section.

Formatting Tip: Use SHIFT + ENTER to put each line of your signature directly underneath each other with no extra line spacing.

Membership / Account ID

Membership number (often renamed to Account ID via site defines) now appears on the main user record and prospect activity record which saves having to look it up. 

Value Field Suppression When Zero

The "value" field displayed in the email message will be suppressed if the value is zero (tip: remember to remove the preceding text which is normally just the word 'Value".