The Module system allows admins to set up data entry forms and enter structured content and then style and display it on web pages, with tagging and filtering available. This is better than trying to lay out structured content via the standard text editor with embedded HTML to get the styling right, making it prone to being broken when regular users try to make text edits. This way, users can simply change the data in the structured record instead.


  • Polls
  • Team pages
  • Tourist information
  • Recipes
  • Carousels


Set up and style polls on the website.

Team Pages

Create team portfolios with rollover effects

Tourist Information

Display tourist sites and allow tagging and filtering. This example showcases the flexibility of the Module system in building summary pages which then click through to detail pages featuring custom data fields such as title, web and email addresses, image carousels, tabbed content a location map and reviews.


Create lists of recipes, tagged for searchability, with lists of ingredients and instructions.


Create carousels to put on your home page or other places on your website, using 3rd party carousel plug-ins for greater control and which regular admins may find simpler to change than through the in-built Content Slider system.