Link To GDPR Right To Restrict Processing


Receiving The Request To Restrict Processing

In your privacy policy, provide a way for individuals to contact you to request their data is restricted from processing. This will normally be via an email address or you could set up a form to capture these requests. If you are an ecommerce site, then you could have pending orders to send to an individual, in which case you may wish to advise them in your privacy policy that orders will not be completed when a right to restrict processing has been received, unless the individual explicitly confirms otherwise in writing.

Actioning The Request

To mark a user as restricted go into User Manager > select their user record > Status & Levels tab > tick the field 'Restricted User'.

This means Email Manager won't send emails to restricted users and in User Manager and Prospect Manager a red warning message is displayed when you select the user advising:

Changing The Wording Of The Message

If you wish to introduce your own terminology and wording for the message, go into Site Definition and change the following two defines:



Maintaining Your Own Suppression List

You may need to keep your own record that you have received and actioned the request as part of your company’s procedures and on your suppression list. If you add or import user data, make sure you suppress re-adding or altering someone who has requested restricted processing.

Lifting The Restriction

If the restriction is lifted, then reverse the steps outlined above and add a further comment to reflect what has happened on the user record.

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