Link To GDPR Right To Data Portability

Individuals will be able to request a copy of their personal data in a format that can be transferred to another system.

Receiving The Request To Receive Data

In your privacy policy, provide a way for individuals to contact you to request a copy of their personal data. This might be via an email address or a form you set up to capture requests. 

Actioning The Request

  1. Submit a support ticket on our Freshdesk system with the title “Provide portable user data” and then confirm the user name, id and that the user has been verified. 
  2. We will create the necessary output files in CSV/TXT delimited format with a separate file per dataset e.g. user record, wishlists, products purchased etc and attach them to the support ticket. This information will be provided within the one month timescale allowed in GDPR. 
  3. Add a comment to the user record in User Manager to note your actions. This provides an electronic audit trail between the individual, you and us for our part. 

You may need to keep your own record that you have received and actioned the request as part of your company’s procedures and on your suppression list if the user has restricted data processing. If you add or import user data, make sure you suppress re-adding or altering someone who has requested restricted processing.

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