Recording Consent

Consent is recorded onto the audit log when a user registers through the checkout process or via a form which has a sign up process set up within it. You can access the audit log via the Admin Comments prgram. Find out more information on where we gain Consent in the system.

Form Revision Control

GDPR requires you keep a record of your page/form content so you can prove what was asked at the time consent was given.

What You Need To Do: Keep records of your forms when they change

  • If your page/form content doesn't change, then your web page could be the effective record 
  • If you change the page/form content, then set up a new page/form and add a comment to the page detailing what is different and the date it went live. This provides an audit. You will turn off the previous page and make this one live instead. Make sure any links or navigation to the page are updated.
  • You can consider taking screen grabs of relevant web pages if you prefer using tools like Awesome Screenshot (Chrome Plug-in) or Firefox Screenshots