Available: 12th June 2018

Filter Users By Subscriber allows you to select your users in User Manager > Filter Users by whether or not they have subscribed to your newsletters. You can then assign selected users into specific user groups (1,2,3 refer to the groups shown on a user record) which you may want to do for segmentation and emailing purposes. NB Email Manager will not send to users who are not marked as subscribed.

Filter Users who are ungrouped allows you to find users who have been entered without being assigned into a group, so you can quickly identify them and then add them into the desired group. This new batch update job appears underneath the user list in User Manager:

Tip: Group 1, 2 & 3 can be seen on a user record via User Manager and display like so:

Tip: You can see the number of subscribed users in the 'Recent Email Campaigns' box when you log in to Admin Console on the main dashboard:

Script Finder  

This is a new program which allows you to scan areas of the website to find scripts that have been embedded in the site, such as 3rd party apps or tracking codes which may introduce cookies and therefore you need to be able to turn off those scripts in conjunction with Cookie Manager.

Simply type Script Finder into the program search bar to locate and run the program across the different content on your site.