Google provides a listing service called Google My Business for local businesses to be found on search and to show key information including location, opening hours and reviews by users.

We have developed a system for collecting customer feedback via your website or via a link in an email, directing complaints to the website admin and then passing on the rest of the feedback to Google My Business Reviews. Once published by Google, these can then be displayed back onto a website page.

You can also pull GMB reviews of your business from Google and store them in your website either via the template system, or via the Reviews On My Website 3rd party service. You can then view your GMB reviews in Admin via the new Google Reviews link in the program sidebar.

This is a chargeable service, please contact us for prices.

This is different to Google Customer Reviews which are reviews collected on ecommerce sites for orders. Read more

Developer Set Up Notes

  • Install the javascript to create a 'Leave Feedback' button on the website. This contains the link to the client's Google My Business Review button.
    When this is clicked it will pop the Feedback rating form with star ratings. If the feedback is 3 stars or less it will reveal further form fields to capture the users details and the issue they had.
    Tip: Name the 'Leave Feedback' link to ?review and set up a redirect in Redirect Manager from Review to ?review. This can then be emailed out to existing clients to gather up reviews quickly.
  • Set up a Google Reviews Complaint form which works with the javascript above to record the issue and email it to the site admin
  • Set up a Feedback Action page in Page Manager which will display a message to the reviewer after they have submitted the form with feedback of 3 stars or less. This is used by the Javascript program. 
  • Google reviews can then be displayed back on the website page using the preferred middleware service to pull those results from Google or via the template system. A page app will be developed for this in the future.
  • To pull in GMB reviews and store them on the website connect via: Admin > Connect > SEO/Analytics > Google My Business

For an example of this in use go to