User Manager lets you manage your users including personal details and password resets, grouping and tagging, status and levels.

You can also view their quotes, ecommerce orders and a timeline of related activities including prospect updates and comments. 

There is a summary count of users displayed at the top:

  • All Users
    Total of all user records stored in the system (e.g. manually added / imported users, prospects added in Prospect Manager, people making purchases via ecommerce)

  • Active Accounts
    The users who can log in to the system. This means:
    Status is set to "approved"
    Password hasn't been expired (this can happen after 15 months if the user is not active again within that time)
    Invited users have accepted the invite
    Email address is confirmed where double opt-in is required

  • Subscribed Users
    People who have subscribed to your newsletter/update service or who you have imported and marked as subscribed (prior consent should have been given for this)