User Manager lets you manage your users including personal details and password resets, grouping and tagging, status and levels.

You can also view their quotes, ecommerce orders and a timeline of related activities including prospect updates and comments. 

There is a summary count of users displayed at the top:

  • All Users
    Total of all user records stored in the system (e.g. manually added / imported users, prospects added in Prospect Manager, people making purchases via ecommerce)

  • Active Accounts
    The users who can log in to the system. This means:
    Status is set to "approved"
    Password hasn't been expired (this can happen after 15 months if the user is not active again within that time)
    Invited users have accepted the invite
    Email address is confirmed where double opt-in is required

  • Subscribed Users
    People who have subscribed to your newsletter/update service or who you have imported and marked as subscribed (prior consent should have been given for this)

User Groups

You can set users up into User Groups for:

Allowing tax exemption override

Creating quantity break pricing

Sending emails personalised to different groups

Creating group messages which a user sees on login

Read more about User Groups

User Smart Types

Smart Types allow a way to define a user's primary group classification on a site for reporting purposes, e.g. if a user is in multiple groups such as 'dealer' and 'trade', you can use the smart types system to put them into the 'trade' group as their primary group and thereby avoid counting them in both 'dealer' and 'trade' for reporting purposes. 

On the user record and in Prospect Manager it will display their calculated Smart Type.  

Read more about User Smart Types

User Tags

User tags gives you a great deal of flexibility to identify your users in many different ways, which is in addition to putting them into groups.

Read more about User Tags

Invite System

The Invite system can be used to send out emails to invite people to use your site. This allows them to accept the invite and set up their own password.

Read more about Invites

Manage Subscribers

Bulk manage user subscriber statuses by pasting new or existing email addresses into REC. Optionally, perform essential validation checks on email addresses. 

Read more about Managing Subscribers

User Devices

For Admin accounts only, there's a tab on the Edit User screen which reveals the admins logged in devices they use & any web notifications they are signed up to receive in admin. 

Devices are each device they use to login recently along with when and where (the IP) they last logged in. 

Web notifications are when you have your browser subscribed to get alerts for new orders etc where the browser itself notifies you, this is especially useful on mobile. 

Both devices & web notifications allow you to remove them here. 

This also allows remote log out of any devices for a user via this screen which may prove useful during a security incident. 

Specific User Reporting

Run reports for a specific user by clicking the report icon to the top right of the user profile screen from User Manager. 

This will take you to Report Builder but the reports will be filtered to that specific user. Here you could run an Ecommerce Revenue report for a date range for example, or use one of the many Order Info Reports for more specific data such as the top categories they buy. 

Find out more about available reports in Report Builder.

Sales Summary

Find insights about the sales made by a specific user by clicking the £ (or $ for US) report icon to the top right of the user profile screen from User Manager. 

This will take you to a summary of their sales showing the top products they purchase, categories, tags they buy from and more. 

Sales Targets

Track that distributors are meeting your sales targets for the year directly on their user profile, contact us to enable this feature. 

There's also a full report of this across users with sales targets enabled so you can export and track this on mass over in Admin > Reports > Sales Targets.