1. Request a Developer Test API Key from Fedex (Postmen have written a guide on the steps for this here).

2. Signup for a Postmen account.

3. In Postmen, go to Shipper Accounts > Add New > FedEx.

4. Make sure you select "Test" for account type and then enter the details you received in Step 1.

5. In Postmen, go to API Keys > Testing and copy the API Key.

6. In REC, login to the Admin area and go to Connect > Utilities. Near the bottom of the page is a section for Postmen. Paste the Testing API Key in, click "Use Sandbox Mode", and then update.

7. In REC, go to the Warehouses screen and either edit an existing warehouse or create a new one. When we were testing, FedEx only seemed to support shipping from the US. So make sure that the Warehouse has a valid US Address (including County/State, Country and Post/Zip Code). At the bottom of this screen there will be a Postmen section that should show the FedEx account you created in Postmen. Check the box and save.
8. All the setup is done, all you need to do now is make sure that there are Packaging Types set up and that the products you are testing with have weights and the appropriate package type set.

We have noticed that at the times the delivery costs are a few cents out due to Fuel Estimations, but if you see anything that doesn't add up then please let me know.

After you've done your testing across a range of orders and are happy to go live you'll need to do some setup on the live site. The steps are pretty much the same so I wont go through the whole list again, the only differences are:

1. You'll need to request a FedEx Production API Key (the guide I listed earlier also has instructions on how to do this).

2. In Postmen, you need to create a new FedEx Shipper Account with the production details you received, but instead of selecting "Test" as the account type you need to select "Production".

3. In REC, you'll need to paste in your Production API Key from Postmen and make sure that "Use Sandbox Mode" is unticked.