Tracking specific user groups can help you separate and analyse user behaviour and buying metrics, for example tracking consumers (B2C) as a separate group from B2B visitors that could include dealers and distributors.

This requires a little setup both in REC+ & Google analytics to work:

  1. In Admin > Connect > SEO > Google Analytics > Custom map > enter {"dimension1": "user_group_1"}
    This will tell analytics to use user_group_1 on users to send as this value as dimension1 their side.

  2. You will likely also want to enable the "RLL" cookie in Cookie Manager too. This cookie tracks users in more detail, from emails, from previous logins etc.

  3. In Google Analytics you'll need to setup the custom dimension. Above we've used dimension1 where 1 is the index for the dimension, you;ll see this number when you've added the dimension but if this is the first one added for this site it'll be 1. To set this up go to the GA Admin screen for the site > Settings > Property Settings > Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions > + NEW CUSTOM DIMENSION > Enter the name for it, e.g. User Group, then leave Hit selected as the scope & click Create.

  4. To create a custom view filtered to only users in a group or not in a group, back in the GA Admin screen, Settings > View > + Create View > Give it a name, now create a filter for it, View > Filters > + Add Filter.

  5. Select 'Create New Filter', enter a name such as "Users in groups only" and then under Filter Type select Custom. Here you can choose to exclude specific values, or only include specific values.

    To see a report of only grouped users (i.e. non-retail) you can select to Exclude. Under Filter Field select the Custom Dimension you created earlier and then under Filter Pattern you can enter the values, for multiple, separate them with a pipe symbol, e.g. 0|-1 for both 0 (ungrouped) and -1 (not logged in) users.

    If you want a view of only non grouped users you can enter the same but select Include instead. Save and you can now use this view in analytics to view everything as normal but always filtered to just the visitors you wanted to see (e.g. grouped user or not grouped users, you could even specify specific group ids too).