Note: This article is regularly updated as new features become available

There are a range of features we either have in REC+ or will be bringing in as part of our development schedule.

Personalisation and targeting require additional subscriptions, please contact us for pricing.


  • Personalisation

    Personalisation allows you to provide content tailored to a visitor / buyer's behaviour on the website.
    Currently we can provide personalised content based on content blocks (for CMS & Ecommerce sites).
    In the future we expect to personalise the display of products (for Ecommerce sites).

  • Email Targeting

    Email targeting allows you to set a broad range of filters to send campaigns to buyers via Email Manager, whilst Email Tasks allows automated emails to be sent for cross- and up-sell, reviews, extra documentation.
  • Recommendation Engine

    We are currently investigating personalised recommendations as part of our R&D projects.

Personalisation - content blocks.

Personalisation rules let you determine how content is displayed on your site for different user groups. For example, setting parts of your homepage content to display different messaging for different types of customers. This is achieved by detecting the user, identifying which group they are in and switching content blocks to show one created for their user group.

Setup the rules in Admin > Personalisation Rules

In Page manager or directly on a content block you will have a new dropdown to select the rule and set the content to display for each rule.

This can also be used inside templates for example:

{ % if rec_rule('VIP group only') % } Welcome VIP! { % else % } You're not VIP { % endif % }

Contact us to subscribe for personalisation.

Email Targeting

Emails can be sent via Email manager using extra filters to provide a large range of personalised targeting (see below).

Example Uses

  1. New stock announcements

    • New products / new product categories (using product codes or categories)

    • New brands (using brand field aka manufacturer)

    • New season stock - write to buyers within a seasonal to inform them of the next season's products (using date from and date to)

  2. Updated products (using product code field)

  3. Product recalls (using product code field and date ranges)

  4. Pre-order updates - for sending progress updates (using product codes)

  5. Black Friday deals - put all products on offer in one category (use category field) or send particular products (product codes)

  6. Top spenders - Reward loyal customers spending over a certain level with special previews / deals (use Date from and Date to fields and Total order value fields)

  7. Top/bottom group performers - Write out to specific groups e.g. top performing dealers / low performing dealers and offer tips / incentives (using Group Type, date from and to and either Average Order Value to encourage greater upsell or Total Order Value to recognise / reward best performers)

Remember - You can also use Email Tasks product re-ordering to send automated emails, such as:

  1. Cross-sell products after XX days - Use template tags to automatically pull in associated products from the buyer's order; set the number of days after the purchase that this will go out e.g. 35 days (e.g. after the next pay day)

  2. 'We miss you' - Set up a coupon that can go out to 'at-risk' customers who haven't bought for XX days, say 75 days. You can already do this in Email Tasks, but I thought it worth making a note of it here.

  3. 'We want you back' - Set up a winback campaign / coupon / survey that can go out to customers who have gone cold after say 120 days, and then another one after say 180 days. 

Product Personalisation - expected late 2020

Personalised products will be displayed to visitors / buyers based on their previous viewing and buying habits. For example:

Recommendation Engine - in R&D stage Summer 2020

This is currently in R&D.