Expert Answers allows you to collect questions from visitors on specific web pages or all product pages and to answer them via email and optionally publish the answers on the web page. 


  • You are aiding the visitor and progressing them into a buyer
  • You are collecting useful content that can be published in FAQ format to help other visitors with the same questions
  • You can learn from the questions and re-write your content to directly address those questions in your own descriptions
  • SEO gains are made by having extra natural content on the page including extra keywords

Licencing: Expert Answers requires a licence add-on, please contact sales for pricing. 

Setting Up Expert Answers

Once you have purchased the licence add-on from us, we will need to know which pages Expert Answers will appear on and, for ecommerce sites, to have it appear on all product pages. We will then implement the changes and let you know it is live on your site.

Example: Expert Answers on a web page

How It Works

  • Visitors submit a question via the Expert Answers form
  • The site admin receives an email notification that the question has been submitted
  • The site admin can manage responses within Admin Centre > Expert Answers including whether to publish the Q&A on the site (without the visitor's details present)
  • The response is emailed to the enquirer

Admin Centre > Expert Answers (Products)

  1. Status Filters - New Questions default to Open, Answered Questions default to Closed
  2. Type Filters - Filter between questions asked about Products vs questions asked about specific Pages (Note: CMS Sites will not see the Products type)
  3. Filters Filter questions based on specific details (see below for more information)
  4. Sorting -  Questions are sorted with the oldest question first by default. Other options are Newest first and Recently updated first.

Filter Options

  • Customer - filter questions by the Name/Email Address that was entered when the question was asked
  • Admins - filter questions by the Admin account that answered them
  • Product/Page - filter questions by the Product or Page (depending on the active Type Filter) that question was asked about
  • From/To - filter questions by when they were asked

Expert Answers > Managing Questions (Open Question)

  1. Quick Update Bar - Allows you to quickly change the status of the question without answering it.
  2. Subject Information - Shows basic information regarding the subject of the question.
  3. Question - The question that the user asked. Link to the top right of the question can be used to edit the question (in the case of spelling mistakes). If the "Google Cloud Translation AI" is enabled on your site you'll also have the ability to translate the question.
  4. Answer - Where you can enter your response to the users question
  5. Answer Options - Choose whether to answer the question as yourself or as the company, whether the Question and Answer should be published on the Front End and if an email notification should be sent to the user who asked the question letting them know it has been answered
  6. "Asked By" Information - Information about the user who asked the question. Name & Email are required. If a user was logged in when they asked the question, the "Account" part will also show linking to that account.
  7. Question Information - Quick information about the question, as well as the ability to mark/unmark the question as spam or delete it.

Developer Details

Please refer to the attached PDF for full implementation details and process flow.