When you are sending all your emails through Mailgun, you can track they are delivered and identify problems stopping some emails being sent.

You can check:

  1. Customers and contacts receive emails via order notifications and email campaigns 
  2. Site administrators receive email notifications for orders and enquiries

Reminder: Email Routing In REC+

Remember that you can route emails in REC+ > Admin > Email Notifications  for different people to receive different types of notifications. So it's worth checking that there hasn't been a rule set up which legitimately means the email should be going to someone else.


Log into your Mailgun account and you will see the dashboard

You see an immediate overview with the ability to select a date range. 

You can immediately see in the example below there are issues with the large orange bars present.

Types Explained

  • Delivered emails are obviously fine.

  • Suppressed emails means there have been problems sending to an email address(es) and that has now been blocked by Mailgun from being sent any more emails.

If your administrator email address is in the suppressed group then you won't be getting email notifications about orders or form enquiries. Don't worry, you can still see orders in Order Manager and enquiries in Form Builder until the issue is resolved with your email service provider.

  • Failed emails didn't go through and you can get more details on why

  • Posts via Routes are emails forwarded, via a Route to another email address (instead of your app via POST).

Sending Logs

Click on Sending > Logs to review deliverability, opens, clicks, unsubscribes or issues. 

Scroll down and you can see the individual deliveries that were made. 

It shows them in two stages:

  • Delivered - Mailgun has delivered the message and the Delivery Status Message = OK if successful

  • Accepted - Mailgun previously accepted the request to send the email

Here's an example of a failed message. Notice you can click on Actions to view more details and the arrow shows the email headers which IT support might request.

Not Receiving Orders Or Password resets - Previously Marked As Spam By A User

Here's an example where some users have previously marked emails from the website as spam (perhaps by mistake) meaning they no longer receive emails and then when they perform a password reset or place a new order. You can see this in the Delivery Status Message:

You can remove the complaint within Mailgun.

Please refer to their article about this here:

Suppressed Email Addresses

If an email continuously bounces, Mailgun will suppress it meaning no further emails will be sent to it. This protects your email reputation. 

However it might be that an email address only had temporary issues and now needs to be released in which case go into Suppressions and remove it, then monitor future emails are sent ok to know the problem has actually been cured.

Please refer to their article about how to see suppressed email addresses here: