Emails can be routed to different admin users based on the type of email notification. 

This helps to fit the website to  your business process flow.

You can route general system generated emails and also forms created in form builder.

Setting Up Routing

Go into Admin > Email Notifications and select the type of alert, whether it's all users or for specific groups and to whom it should go. 

If you do not enter a rule then it will use the default email address already set up in Site Settings > Company.

If you want it to go to multiple admins then enter all of their email addresses separated with a semi-colon e.g.;  

NOTE: Do NOT enter each email address as a separate rule for the same type of notification as the system ignores duplicate entries set like that.

These are the types of system generated email notifications you can route:

  • New Order
  • Abandoned Order
  • Order Return Request
  • New User Registration
    User Unsubscribed
  • User Subscribed
  • Stock Alert
  • Product Enquiry
  • File Download
  • Product Review
  • New Testimonial 
  • New Expert Answer

You can also route form responses in the same way: