Automatically send email notifications to user groups when there are changes to the price list for: retail* price, new and discontinued products. Checked daily and emailed only when changes are present. 

*Retail price is used as the trigger for detecting price changes; group prices are often changed at the same time and will be shown in the CSV/spreadsheet. If only the group price is changed it will not be shown in the email but will still be in the CSV/spreadsheet.

For example, all your dealers receive an email to show products with changes to retail price, newly added products and discontinued products with a link to a CSV and a colour-coded spreadsheet to highlight the changes and show their group pricing, and optionally the retail price**.

**In Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Displaying Prices > tick 'Show "Retail Price" column on the Price List app'

Reminder: Price List works on products with a status of on Live, Special Offer and Featured and excludes Draft, Deleted and Upcoming statuses.

Email Notification

Price List changes are checked on a daily basis and if found then an update email is sent out as per the example below. The emails are sent at 9am GMT, but you can add an offset in hours to move that time forward or into the next morning.

Colour Coding & Sequence

The following colours are used to highlight the changes.

Although it's unlikely, it is possible that a product could have more than one change applied in the same day (e.g. a price is changed but then it is discontinued, or a product is added and then it's price is changed) Price Change will override New Product and Discontinued will override both of them.

DiscontinuedThe product has been discontinued.

You do this by ticking the Discontinued flag on the product record.

Price ChangeThe retail product price has changed. 

It is assumed that the group prices will also be changed at the same time. If only the group prices are changed then this will not be triggered.

New ProductA new product has been added. 

If a product is not originally in a category and then it is moved into one, this will trigger it as a new product.
In the spreadsheet a new product will be highlighted for 30 days.

Data Reported In The Spreadsheet

The product data in the spreadsheet will include the entire price list with the price list changes highlighted using the colour scheme above. Note that New Products will be displayed for 30 days. 

Preparing Your Product Data

We advise that you check all your products are allocated into categories before setting the task up.
If you later allocate an uncategorised product into a category after the task is set up then it will be shown as a new product.

Check for uncategorised products in Reports > Product Issues Report as shown below.

Setting Up The Email Task

  1. Go into Email Tasks

  2. Add a new task as below.

  3. Select the groups who will receive the notifications.

    Note: It is highly unlikely you will select All or Ungrouped as these include all retail customers.

  4. Add a time delay in hours normally.
    The emails will be sent at 9am GMT. If you want them to go at, for example, 1pm GMT add 4 into the hours field.

  5. Unsubscribe any users you don't wish to receive the notification, or who object to receiving them.

When Will The First Email Be Sent?

The first day is used to set the initial benchmark data to assess whether any changes are made thereafter. The soonest the first update will be sent out is two days after the task is set up  if there are any changes to report otherwise it will trigger  when changes are detected in the future.