Licence Upgrade: This feature is available via an upgrade to your licence, please contact us for more information.

Product Addons allows you to prominently display additional products / services on the product page which the buyer can choose to add to their order if they want them. For example, addons could be useful additional parts, warranties or other services like gift wrapping.

> Also works with product bundles 

Setting Up Product Addons

Ensure you have already set up the products that will be your addons as regular products with a live or special offer status. Then for the product you want to assign addons to:

  • Go to Edit Product > Add-ons 
  • Search by  variation / product code to select a product that will become the addon
  • Enter Qty - normally 1
    How many addons will be needed for this product (normally it is a 1-to-1 ratio i.e. when you buy 1 main product you buy 1 addon)
  • Sync Qty - normally ticked
    When in the cart, making changes to the quantity of the main product, or its removal, will also be applied to the addon product. 

  • Save

Displaying Product Addons On The Product Page & Developer Checklist

Addons will require changes to be made to your product page template if it has been modified from the standard template (contact support to do this who will need to follow the Developer checklist below) and you must also enable them to display in:

Admin > Template Data Preloads > Enable "Addons" under "product_info.html.twig

Example display

Developer Checklist:

  • Enable Addons in Superadmin settings
  • Admin > Template Data Preloads > Enable "Addons" under "product_info.html.twig

  • If product info or cart templates are extended:
    • Make sure to adjust the template accordingly (check diff or parent to determine what's needed)
    • Once set up check the product page to ensure addons appear and that the overall price changes when the addon is selected
    • Also check there is no QTY field showing against the addon product in the cart.

Restricting Where Addon Products Appear On The Website

You can stop Addons appearing in some areas on the website such as via: search facilities, best seller lists, abandoned cart emails and product feeds. Edit the Addon product > Prices & Delivery > Is this an addon product - tick

How Addons Are Handled Through Checkout & Integration Into Third Parties

Addons are regular product lines and will flow through the checkout system and integration as per any other product line.